Terms of use of the Activity Search (Harrastushaku) service

The harrastushaku.fi site is technically at the end of its life cycle and will not be developed anymore. New organisations will not be granted user IDs because we cannot guarantee functionality and user support to the out-of-date site. The City of Helsinki is currently developing a new website to replace the old one as part of the city services’ extensive website reform. The old site is to be replaced by the summer of 2023.

In case of any problems, the existing users of harrastushaku.fi can still contact harrastushaku@hel.fi. Hobby service providers currently using the site will be notified of the change in more detail during autumn 2022.

The Activity Search is a service maintained by the City of Helsinki, which provides information on activities available for young people in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The Activity Search includes activities offered by the City of Helsinki, the City of Espoo and the City of Vantaa, as well as activities organised by various youth associations and companies.

The service provides information and the opportunity to enrol in various activity groups. The service provider has the right to decide which activities can be enrolled for online, and in which cases an e-mail, phone call, or personal enrolment is necessary.

For now, the service does not require registration. However, the City of Helsinki reserves the right to change this.

You must be at least 18 years old or have permission from your guardian to enrol for activities that are subject to a charge.

Content of the service

The City of Helsinki aims to ensure that the content of the Activity Search is as high-quality, correct and up-to-date as possible. However, the City of Helsinki is not responsible for any damage caused by information content in the service that is incorrect, insufficient, or open to several interpretations, nor is it responsible for activities that are organised by other operators. The information, instructions, or guidelines that are offered in the service are not intended to be judicial, commercial, or medical information, instructions, or guidelines; or information, instructions, or guidelines that would otherwise be binding on the City of Helsinki or any other service provider, and they, therefore, cannot be invoked. They cannot be used as a basis for presenting any claims to the City of Helsinki or any other service provider.

The City of Helsinki will continue to develop the Activity Search service, and reserves the right to change the service and its content, as part of its normal operations, as it sees fit. The City of Helsinki is also entitled to stop producing the service at any time.

User information

The user must supply the required personal and other information about themselves, and for users under 18 years of age, on their guardian. The user must notify the organiser of the course or activity of any changes to their information. The City of Helsinki is not responsible for any harm or damage caused to the user and participant in the activities, in the event that the user has provided false information about themselves.

The City of Helsinki is entitled to process the personal information of the user in accordance with the Personal Data Act (Henkilötietolaki, 523/1999) and other legislation, and as described in further detail in the file description. The users’ information is stored in the user register of the Youth division. The user information is needed for enrolment for invoicing purposes.

The data traffic of the Activity Search service is encrypted with 256-bit SSL encryption to ensure data confidentiality.

The City of Helsinki and other activity organisers will not hand over the users’ information to third parties without separate permission from the user in question.

Cancelling participation

If a user has to cancel their participation in an activity that is offered through the service, they must notify the organiser of the activity by e-mail or in person as soon as possible. If a participation fee has been paid, it will only be refunded if a doctor’s certificate or another valid reason is provided.

The City of Helsinki is not responsible for insuring the participants.

In general

These Terms of Use apply to the Activity Search online service that is provided and maintained by the City of Helsinki.

These terms are applied to the usage of all of the content and material offered through the City of Helsinki, unless separately agreed otherwise for a certain service. By using the service, the user accepts these Terms of Use.


Thank you for taking an interest! The aim of the “Harrastushaku” service (Activity Search) is to bring together young people looking for activities and service providers organising activities: A broad range of activities benefits everyone. The “Harrastushaku” service is free of charge to all service providers.

The admission criteria for service providers looking to join “Harrastushaku” are:

  • The activity announced in “Harrastushaku” should be aimed at young people between the ages of 7 and 25.
  • The activities announced in “Harrastushaku” should consist primarily of supervised, course-based activities.
  • The activities must take place primarily in the Helsinki region, excluding camps, which can also be organised elsewhere. Please also note that “Harrastushaku” is intended for service providers based in the Helsinki region.
  • We expect the organiser of the activity to be a responsible organisation whose operations align with the City of Helsinki’s values.
  • The City of Helsinki reserves the right to remove any content from “Harrastushaku” that violates the conditions presented here.